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Our services are:




Organization of social, commercial and cultural events related to Latin American Culture.

Concerts, performances, programming of festivals, weddings, corporate functions etc

Local and International artists representation and management.

Provision of Latin American artists in different fields and musical genres and dances in collaboration with Local artists and musicians to perform in various venues in Singapore and south-east Asia.

Supply of original compositions and musical arrangements for music productions, providing musical direction, recording and talent.

Original music for artistic multidisciplinary activities, such as contemporary dance, theatre, cinema and audio-visuals.



The courses we provide are:



Artistic and cultural educational Programmes together with the use of technology to enhance and develop creativity.

Didactic concerts- workshops specialized in Latin American music, Dance and Culture Workshops for schools and private students for Samba and Afro-Latin percussion ensembles.

Creative music lessons for institutions or private tuition.

Latin Ballroom Dance, Zumba, Samba, fitness for health and well-being and traditional dances from Latin America.



Music Production:


All about your Music productions, arrangements and musical direction  in different styles of music for Bands, Singers, Chorals, Chamber ensembles, trios, Duets etc.


Original songs.

Vocal Coach & Artistic Direction.



Recording session musicians and vocalists.

Original songs for commercial recording and jingles.

External Recording and mixing sessions.








Creating - Planning - Organizing - Producing


* Social & corporate  events  (Weddings, Expo's, Brand launch, Company Anniversary, seasonal events)

* Latin American Culture Specialists. (Festivals, Latin parties, Carnivals,  performances specialized in Latin American Countries)

* All kind of music concerts.

* Creating & Programming of festivals.

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