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Mexi Music has been set up for more than twenty years in Singapore as a consultancy company specializing in the provision of services with authenticity and high artistic quality to people interested in the areas of Latin American entertainment, arts and education. Its founders are professional qualified musicians with more than thirty years experience in the line of work of entertainment, cultural management and education. 





Create an intercultural dialogue, strengthen ties between communities through the arts, open markets for artistic collaborations in the region that entertain, engage and educate.






Mexi-Music strives for giving a different approach to what is considered Latin American’s culture in Singapore, providing authenticity, artistic quality and cultural depth in order to build up understanding and appreciation in the local community and generate further artistic and cultural collaborations.





Mario Lopez

Founder, co-owner  


Bass Player, Guitarist, Composer and Musical arranger.

Mario has a Music degree from The National Conservatory of Mexico in clasical guitar and specialized studies on composition and jazz arrangement from the SCAM (jazz music school in Mexico city ) Originally from Acapulco, Mexico  he has been in Singapore for the last 20 years performing and recording with many Singaporean jazz bands in the main hotels and jazz clubs. As a composer, he has written and arranged original music in order to perform in jazz clubs and festivals. He has released two albums of original music.

Guitarist, a bassist and double bass player, enjoys playing swinging bass lines as a favourite style among all the musical vocabulary inherited from his Latin American cultural background.





Alina Ramirez



Pianist, Composer, Educator and Cultural promoter.

Classical trained ( National school of music in Mexico City ) hardcore Latin pianist who loves jazz, Alina has been performing for more than 28 years.

As a composer, she is influenced by the Latin music tradition yet contemporary. She writes music for Ireson, her band as well as music for theatre and dance companies. 

Also a creative educator, Alina studied music education in Lyon, France, passionate about sharing knowledge across genres.

In 2013, Alina was awarded the highest recognition given by the Mexican Government, the Ohtli Medal, in recognition for her passion for disseminating Mexican Culture and the Arts worldwide.

Constantly learning, Alina sought to expand her musical knowledge at LA SALLE College of the Arts by pursuing a degree in jazz music, graduating with honours in 2014 and a Masters degree in Arts and Cultural Management in 2018. 

























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